Letters – ABC’s

Letters – ABC’s

A was an Archer
who shot at a frong
B was a Butcher
who kept a bulldog
C was a Captain
all covered with lace
D was a Drummer
who played with much grace
E was an Esquire
with pride on his brow
F was a Farmer
who followed the plough
G was a Gamester
who had but ill-luck
H was a Hunter
and hunted a buck
I was an Italian
who had a white mouse
J was a Jointer
and built up a house
K was a King
so might and grand
L was a Lady
who had a white hand
M was a Miser
who hoarded up gold
N was a Nobleman
gallant and bold
O was an Organ boy
who played about town
P was a Parson
who wore a black gown
Q was a Queen
who was fond of her people
R was a Robin
who perched on a steeple
S was a Sailor
who spent all he got
T was a Tinker
who mended a pot
U was an Usher
who loved little boys
V was a Veteran
who sold pretty toys
W was a Watchmen
who guarded the door
X was eXpensive
and so becam poor
Y was a Youth
who did not love school
Z was a Zany
who looked a great fool



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